How To Ask Your New Partner if They've Been Tested

Asking a new partner about STD testing can be awkward — but expert has some word-for-word examples of how you can bring it up.

If you’re having sex with a new partner, then you might have so many questions to ask before having sex–-Have they have been tested for STIs or not? How will they react to the question? And what to do if they react negatively?

There’s nothing weird or bad about asking these questions. In fact, it’s a responsible thing to do and it’s completely reasonable. In this video, Erica will help you deal with all these questions.

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STI-related questions to ask before having sex with a new partner

It can be hard to check with someone if they’ve been tested for sexually transmitted infections or STIs, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s, in fact, really cool to be upfront and shamefree when talking about sexual health.

Erica also shares different mediums, like texting and calling, that you can use to check with someone about their sexual health.

No matter what medium you choose to use, remember that it’s a responsible and healthy thing to enquire a partner about their sexual health. Your questions doesn’t imply that you’re suspicious or judgemental about your partner’s sexual behaviour, it just indicates that you’re conscious about your own sexual health and that of your partner.

We hope this video helps you get your answer to,’how to ask someone if they have been tested?’. 

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