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The Hottest Tips On How To Use Sex Toys As A Couple

While tricks may be for kids, toys can take an entirely adult turn. You may be thinking of puzzle sets, board games, action figures, or video games (which can all be sexually stimulating if we use our imaginations) – but there’s more to the toy category that can delight you with pleasure. The Durex Intense Bullet* and Durex Pleasure Ring* have entered the chat, and they’d like a word with you.

You see, these types of toys are specifically designed to aid in sex and foreplay and help deliver sexy sensations for you and your partner(s) alike. They’re two compact types of sex toys that can be reused for sessions to come. While the Durex Pleasure Ring* is uniquely crafted for someone with a penis, the Durex Intense Bullet* is a vibrator that can be used by everyone. Inclusivity for all aboard.

Now that Durex Canada’s sex toys have been introduced to you, it’s time we get to the meat of plaything pleasure: how to use sex toys to their maximum benefits. If you’re partnered, these types of sexual toys (a small vibrator and a cock ring) have the power to deliver new sensation.

Take Advantage Of Durex Sex Toys

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Vibrators and cock rings are two types of sexual toys that bring the heat, and they serve multiple purposes – whether they accompany you in the bedroom or somewhere else private. But you might be wondering how to use these sex toys off the bat. Well, they can be handled in multiple ways, arousing areas on your body you had no clue about or harnessed in different sex positions. Let’s chat just that, and open more doors to pleasure for you. When you unlock new, sexy potential, nothing feels better. 

1. Where To Stimulate With A Bullet Vibrator

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The Durex Intense Bullet* carries powerful vibrations in a small, discreet, and perfectly packable shape – ergonomically designed for comfort while providing all-over body stimulation. But, you may be wondering, “where exactly can I use this sex toy, and safely?”. Well, this type of sexual toy is meant to be played with creatively and the possibilities seem endless. Try holding it against your or your partner’s clitoris during foreplay, or running it around the penis shaft or testicles. Don’t rule out massaging the nipples and gently pressing it against the inner thighs.

For more obscure, but equally satisfying, tips on how to use this sex toy, try placing the vibrator inside a pocketed strap-on harness – which will give the wearer even more might. Because of its waterproof quality, use this discreet bullet vibe in the shower to evoke senses of eroticism while becoming drenched. Or caress it against your tongue while giving oral sex to up the head game (but you’re really going to want to make sure you properly clean the toy beforehand).

For expert advice on a squeaky clean lifestyle, read Tips On How To Clean Sex Toys For Proper And Safe Reuse to sanitize and disinfect so personal hygiene is prioritized.

2. How To Use A Cock Ring Effectively

Two men rubbing noses while moving their faces closer together in bed, knowing how to use sex toys to their advantage.

The ying to the vibrator’s yang, the Durex Pleasure Ring* is meant to keep the penis harder for longer, while delivering hardcore pleasure for all partners involved. It’s made of super-stretchy, soft, and comfortable material to ensure a smooth experience (and it can be reused up to six times)! Unsure how to use this sex toy? Simply apply your condom of choice first to either your or your partner’s penis, then stretch the ring and slide it onto the penis until it sits at the base. For removal, just stretch the ring gently and pull upwards. More detailed information on directions and usage can be found here, under ‘How to Use’.

This specific type of sex toy is most compatible with natural latex condoms and water-based lubes*. Actually, it’s always recommended you use lube when playing with a cock ring because it helps slide down the penis easily and will ultimately feel like less of a chore to place inside a hole (how’s that for a mental image today). Cock rings can help add more confidence to erections as the blood flow is slowed down, and can build a superb sexual performance as well as assist those with erectile dysfunction. For the most effective results, keep the ring on for no more than 30 minutes at a time. That’s how to use a cock ring sex toy safely.

For more on all things lube, especially when it comes to lubricating the cock ring, scan What Is Lube Used For? The Many Benefits Of Lubricants and you’re well on your way to a wetter and better sex life.

3. The Best Sex Positions To Try With A Bullet Vibrator

Two women hugging each other intimately while pressing their noses against one another beside a window.

Now that you know a little about areas to stimulate with the bullet vibrator, let’s discuss a couple sex positions that this toy for bedroom hours is perfectly suited for:

Shower Power

  • As the name suggests, step inside a warm or cool shower (your choice on temperature) and bring in your trusty Durex Intense Bullet*
  • Have one partner lean against the shower wall, facing away, while the other partner enters from behind clutching the vibe to massage their partner’s body in front of them
  • Pass the vibrator back and forth to make sure everyone gets a turn at controlling the course of the vibrations

Duality Finality

  • For same-sex couples with vaginas, have one partner sit cross-legged while the other straddles them on top
  • Once balanced, bring in the bullet vibrator and place it between both of you to arouse the clitorises
  • This position can lead to a serious climax, and make for an interesting pillow talk convo afterwards

4. The Best Sex Positions To Try With A Cock Ring

Clothed woman fully knowing how to use sex toys riding her partner while closing her eyes with delight.

After getting acquainted with the cockiest ring around town (but totally not arrogant), let’s unpack two classic sex positions that compliment this type of sexual toy:


  • One partner sits on top of the penis (cock ring applied) and widens their legs for a yee-haw inspired experience
  • Pro tip: start slowly while riding, then gradually bounce up and down on your partner for a faster thrill

Doggy Style

  • One partner gets down on all fours while the partner wearing the cock ring enters from behind (remember your lube)
  • The partner with the ring firmly around the penis will enjoy the view in front of them, while the partner receiving the internal pleasure can only hope for a real engagement ring sometime in the future (just joking!)

Takeoff To Toy Time 

Partners wearing strapless tops looking into the camera while a glowing light illuminates them for a portrait.

Now that you know how to use Durex sex toys for situations of pure pleasure, it’s about time you jetset to this playful product section here and take home one or both of these enhancers. For couples anonymous, these are the real good guys to bring out in bed (or wherever else you choose to have some fun). Thanks for visiting our toy factory and always remember to have a safe trip home!

Speaking of trips, check out Can You Carry Condoms On A Plane? to find out if you can indeed travel with Durex sex toys, and other pleasure products, before hitting the airport.


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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