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What Is Lube Used For? The Many Benefits Of Lubricants

New to the lubricant club? Don’t worry, it’s not exclusive and all members have equal ability to find pleasure. But what does lube do? And how does it bring more pleasure to the table, the bedroom, and wherever else you choose to get it on? It’s actually quite simple, and even a bit slippery.

When it comes to looking for a smoother sexual experience, incorporating lube is where it’s at. Not only does it help make sex more pleasurable, it helps make personal pleasure more exciting. The right lubricant can also be creatively inspiring, allowing you to explore more sensations without worrying about harsh roughness or friction. It’s the wet stuff that just works.

We’re going to outline the benefits of lube, along with its sexual purposes, so you can apply more ease to your most erotic moments - whether it be with partners or simply with your own set of hands. As we say, nothing feels better than that magic touch.

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1. Breaking Down The Benefits Of Lube

Whether you choose to get intimate with water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, couples & massage lubes, performance gels or duration gel, there’s something for everyone to test out. The main draw to lubricant is that it helps prevent unnecessary irritation during life’s most steamy moments by acting as an additional liquid or gel that decreases discomfort. And we at Durex Canada have plenty of options to choose from. Once you meet the entire family of lubricants, you can begin to understand their purposes. Let’s talk benefits.

2. Penetrative Pleasure

Coupled with condoms, lube for intercourse just feels a hell of a lot better for everyone. Even if you’re a naturally more wet down there person, you can still benefit from a little lubricant action. For whichever sex position of your liking, let lube be that easing, guiding force that prepares you for the moment and helps give you more confidence. Add a little bit to the party and get ready for a moving moment beyond your wildest dreams.

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3. Condom & Sex Toy Compatibility

Sex toys, like Durex Intense Bullet vibrator*, can pair in sync with lubricants for a stimulating self-pleasure or helping hand sensual situation. Adding a little bit of water-based lube, for example, can heighten the arousal and make the soft & smooth vibrators feel even more powerful. On the other side of the coin, specific condoms (the majority of our Durex product line) are compatible with lubes - making for slicker safe and pleasurable sex. Please read the product details and packaging before pairing with lube, as some of our pleasure products aren’t compatible with one another.

Learn Tips On How To Clean Sex Toys For Proper And Safe Reuse so you can go again and again and again… and again.

4. A Fan Of Foreplay

If you’re into the teasing and sexual preludes, then you’ve gotta get into trying out some lubricant love. Set the desirable mood by lighting some candles, turning on your favourite turn-on playlist, and making ‘where the magic happens’ all nice and cozy. Start your touching, fingering, and oral sex sessions off with a few drops of a great lube, like Durex® Warming Lubricant, for a truly steamy experience and thrilling warm-up before anything else happens (and we don’t blame you if it does)!

For more help, check out The Hottest Tips On How To Use Lube During Foreplay to have a happy beginning.

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5. Relaxation Bonuses

After all the heat between you and your partner(s), who doesn’t need to cool off? Lube can also be used for optimal massages and tension release techniques that aren’t exactly R-rated at first, but can lead to that afterwards. We recommend exploring a massage lube, such as Durex® Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera*, for extra assistance to help soothe the body and gently knead all those muscles that could use an unwinding. Bonus: most of our lubes can actually help ease vaginal dryness and discomfort - an added relaxation benefit. Just make sure to read the product details and packaging to find out the benefits per lube bottle.

6. All-Inclusive Fun

Similar to an all-inclusive vacation, lubes are all-in on the excitement. No matter the gender, level of comfortability, or relationship status, a bit of this liquid leisure can get you feeling freer than before - like the sexual being we know you are. There’s a lube to match every attitude.

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7. Smooth Finish

Are you all signed up for these benefits? After digesting the good times that lubes can bring you, we think it’s about time you made these wet dreams your reality. Now that's wet you can bet on.

Open up more of our lube diaries in Your Personal Guide To Lubricant Pleasure for FAQ answers and starting touchpoints.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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