How To Be Happy Alone With 6 Solo Date Ideas

Are you tired of being alone and want to create a better spark for yourself, by yourself? Not everyone is looking for a partner, and that’s completely fine. There are endless things to do to yourself that can make every passing day a bit more pleasurable. It’s a fact: nothing feels better than self-love, and we’ve got some tips on how you can practise it daily.

We’ve put together some affirmations on how to be happy alone through self-love, meditation, and exploring your sexuality - to name just a few. Because being single is hot and sexy too. While it’s important to reach out to loved ones and seek comfort and connection outside yourself, it’s just as important to learn to be alone by loving yourself by virtue. The dating scene is always waiting for you to re-enter it when you’re ready, but there’s plenty you can do before diving back into it.  

In fact, there’s one special someone you can date right now that we think you may like! They’re called Self Dating and they can bring you solo date ideas that make you feel less alone on friday nights or any day of the week, for that matter. Give them a chance.

Learning To Be Alone With Bright Ideas

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Let us introduce you, or reintroduce you, to the concept of self-dating. Whenever you find yourself sick of your routine or mundane situation, you can discover how to enjoy being alone through mindfulness, creativity, and having an honest relationship with yourself. Practising self-love can not only help you find what you need for yourself, but can also be an effective pointer for what you want from a relationship or a sexual partner. Think of it this way: “If I start loving myself, I’ll be able to love others even more”. Let’s begin with our tips.

1. Getting To Know Yourself

Learning how to be happy alone doesn’t happen overnight, but it can change your days moving forward. All healthy relationships start with good communication - even the relationship you have with yourself. Connecting with yourself, your personal interests, and your plans for the future is above all else the most significant step for meeting yourself again. On top of that, there’s no reason to be embarrassed by your sexual desires. Figuring out what you like and don’t like sexually is all a part of the process. For example, we recommend experimenting with our Durex Intense Bullet* vibrator for stimulating solo pleasure and seeing where your body can take you on your own.

In order to keep your vibrator, or other toys, in tip-top shape, read Tips On How To Clean Sex Toys For Proper And Safe Reuse.

Spending time getting to know yourself could mean picking up a new hobby, sourcing niche internet communities and participating in forums for people with shared interests, cooking the food you love, etc. Now is the perfect time to discover what you like to do. Of course, we also recommend self-pleasure. Masturbating is a valuable practice and can help you find your sweet spots - spots where a future partner can be guided to touch. Take it from RuPaul, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love someone else”! 

2. Loving Yourself First

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We just briefly touched on this, but it’s integral to hammer home. Self-love is the motto for everyone. Take the time to work on the hobbies you never have time for or harness those skills you’ve been itching to try out. You can also use this time to do the tasks you would usually do for others, for yourself; whether that’s cooking up your favourite breakfast in bed, treating yourself to some art pieces for your pad, going thrift shopping or, our personal fav, setting aside some time for self pleasure. We know it sounds like an oxymoron, but learning how to be alone may actually make you feel less lonely.

3. Dating Yourself Date Nights

Date nights aren’t just for going out with your significant other(s) – they can also be special moments for self pleasure. Plan a solo date idea that works best for you. From your usual getting ready routine, to cooking a rockstar meal and bingeing your favourite series, you’re in the driver’s seat – and you can top off the evening with some ‘me time’. Set mood lighting, add music, and find the right atmosphere. Even grab some Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel* and end the evening on a smooth note. That’s our best solo date night advice.

4. Discovering The Pleasure Of DIY

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It’s the ideal time to explore your sexual side. With more alone time to spare, you can enjoy some quality moments with yourself and rediscover your own body. Whether you’re reaching for yarn or fabric to create something wearable or grabbing that bottle of lovely lubricant*, you can begin with doing things yourself. Teaching yourself new art forms or pleasure play techniques are never a bad idea. Self-love and self-pleasure go hand in hand. Think of them as long-term investments in yourself!

On the topic of self-pleasure, review What Is The Deal With Masturbation? for sexpert answered FAQ surrounding the act of touching yourself. 

5. The Art Of Meditation

It’s a lot easier to practise self-love without the overstimulating distractions. Sometimes, we recommend putting the technology aside, turning off the TV, and enjoying some silence. Being in solitude and gratitude helps reaffirm notions of being happy with yourself. Clear the space around you to clear your mind and meditate on your life goals, aspirations, and thoughts and feelings. This doesn’t have answer life’s biggest questions, or become too existential, because dating yourself should feel fun and light. Focus on the little things first.

Take a step back to analyze past relationships (then let them go in healthy breaths), review your current emotions, and manage how you want your future endeavors to pan out and lead to. It’s all about embracing yourself, getting over past experiences, and being armed to try something new in the future.

When you’re ready for a future with someone else, study Sex With A New Partner: Get Over The First Time Nerves for fresh relationship advice. 

6. Flattering Yourself

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When it comes to complimenting, we’re much more inclined to give them rather than tell ourselves one. However, complimenting yourself daily is a phenomenal way to start practising self-love. Treasure the time you spend alone by celebrating the good that everyone else sees in you and, in turn, you can begin to build a better understanding of your own worth. The process might be slow, and it may take time to harvest, but it’s all worth the self-love you show yourself in the end.

It’s mandatory that you own your confidence and hype yourself up as much as possible, even if it’s merely telling yourself how good you look and how important you are in the bathroom mirror. Embracing yourself in an honest way can make you less tired of being alone and more energized knowing you’re going in the right direction.

Who knows, you may find out some wonderful qualities you love about yourself that even other people have overlooked or never expressed with you. Increase your sense of accomplishment by sending yourself a love letter celebrating your best features, or marking down all the little milestones and achievements that you’ve reached (even if it’s just getting out of bed in the morning). On top of that, share what you value most about your friends and family to further the outreach and keep the love flowing.

7. Your Own Happy Ending

Now that you’ve been handed some tips on how to be happy alone, we encourage you to start exploring your sexuality and practise hard love for yourself. Our everyday lives don’t always give us the opportunity to spend time on our own and discover what we want and like. Dating yourself can help you find small miracles and wonders in life that make you satisfied. When you’ve had enough time basking in how to be alone, you can jump back into the dating pool or seek guidance from those closest to you. Whatever you choose, have fun -- you deserve it! And always remember: nothing feels better than self-love.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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