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Sex With a New Partner: Get Over the First Time Nerves

First time sex with a new partner can always be a little nerve-wracking — whether you’re experienced in the bedroom, or just exploring sex for the very first time. Either way, it’s important to make sure you’re both feeling comfortable and ready. From there, we have some other simple tricks to help improve your chances of having really good sex, and some great relationship advice to help you conquer those inevitable first time nerves.

Being a little apprehensive before your first time is perfectly normal — just be sure that what you are feeling is genuine jitters and not an indication that you’re not ready to have sex. You should never feel pressured into doing something before you’re ready, but if you are confident that the time is right, then these tips will help ensure your sex life together gets off to a great start (and finish!).

1. Practice putting on condoms

Undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking parts of first-time sex with a new partner is the use of condoms. Practicing safe sex from the very beginning is one of those relationship goals everyone should aim for — but if you aren’t used to putting condoms on or are a little out of practice, then you may find your first few attempts run less than smoothly.

PRO TIP: Not sure which way to roll? Durex condoms are actually designed so the bottom of the condom wrapper faces the same direction that you should be rolling down towards after you open it.

As always, practice makes perfect. A good way to ease your nerves and ensure you both stay safe is to practice putting condoms on beforehand, on your own. Durex has lots of condom styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from, so use this opportunity to experiment and find your perfect fit. You could also use a banana to practice — and always remember to pinch the tip of the condom when applying to ensure it’s fitted correctly.

It’s up to you whether you do this alone or with your partner. Either way, it’s important that you both know what you are doing and can put a condom on safely. Not only will it make your lovemaking more seamless, but it also ensures that you are adequately protected from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Foreplay is important

Another piece of important dating advice! You and your partner are likely to be excited – and therefore aroused – but you don’t want things to come to a premature end.

To help you last longer, take it slow and make sure you enjoy lots of foreplay before sexual intercourse. It’ll help you both relax and discover each other's bodies as you learn what gets each other aroused. A sensual rubdown with Durex 2-in-1 massage oils is always a good place to start.

And don’t forget about kissing. Locking lips always heightens the sensual experience, so incorporate it into your foreplay and don’t be scared to experiment with different pressures and touches around other parts of the body. As always, check that your partner is comfortable with what you’re doing along the way.

3. Stay comfortable

First time sex with a new partner should be a really special and memorable experience — even if there are a few bumps along the way. Taking things slowly and not penetrating too hard or too deep to begin with is advisable so that both partners feel comfortable.

We also suggest incorporating some Durex lubes to heighten the pleasure and reduce any friction caused by first time nerves. They’re available in lots of exciting sensations and flavours, which can help you both relax and enjoy the new sensations that you’re experiencing together.

However you choose to approach first time sex, always make sure to have fun and be open about what feels good – after all, the better you know each other’s bodies and turns-ons, the more pleasurable it’ll be for everyone.

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