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Love Lockdown: 5 Creative Places to Have Sex In Your House

They say there’s no place like home, and when it comes to your sex life, we most definitely agree! If you’re still spending more time at home than usual these days, why not get a little adventurous by exploring some exciting places to have sex beyond the bedroom?

After all, if you’re one of the fortunate couples having more sex than you’re used to, you may also have found that you’ve exhausted your usual bedroom routine. And as the days begin to blend together, you may feel like you’re struggling to keep things exciting.

We can fix that. Good sex can require a little bit of creativity, and mixing things up in terms of where you are having sex could be the perfect answer to your bedroom fatigue. Whether you’re getting kinky in the kitchen or saucy on the stairs, there are plenty of good places to have sex without leaving home — and it might even be your chance to live out a sexual fantasy.

So, if you’re still stuck at home (or just feeling a little frisky) here are 5 great sex tips to up the excitement without ever leaving your house.

1. Sex in the bath

With the right atmosphere, your bathroom can become an incredibly romantic location. So, next time your partner has a really long work day, draw them a bath and set up some candles — and maybe a bottle of their favourite wine, too.

Sex in the bath can be tricky, but it can also be extremely sensuous and exciting. Just be careful not to slip (safe sex goes beyond condoms!) If things get really hot, you’ll probably end up with some wet spots around the floor.

We suggest filling the tub with a little less water than usual so you can try out some different sex positions without being totally submerged. If your bath is big enough, doggy style can be a good one to try — or if you have a shower bench/ledge, you can get into some steamy straddling action.

2. Sex on the couch

If you’re a little intimidated by the prospect of sex in the bath for your first foray outside the bedroom, then why not try something a little more comfortable? That living room couch looks perfect.

Unlike our candle-lit bathtub setup, couch sex requires little-to-no logistical planning — so you can be a little more spontaneous, which often leads to really good sex. Simply set a blanket down on the couch and proceed as you usually would.

The couch is a good place to have sex outside the bedroom as you can explore lots of sex positions fairly easily. Try starting off with whatever normally gets your libido going, then transition into something a little more adventurous. For example: a wireless sex toy like the Durex Intense Bullet is a great way to bring extra excitement into an unexpected location like the living room.

3. Sex on the stairs

Want to try something a little more advanced? One of the most exciting places to have sex at home is on the stairwell. Sure, you probably wouldn’t regard it as a conventional place to strip down with your significant other, but you’d be surprised at how much fun it can be.

As the safe sex experts, we definitely suggest staying towards the bottom of the stairwell so neither of you get hurt. But the difference in height between just one or two steps can open up some seriously organic opportunities.

This location might limit you to a few less sex position options, but the unique angles will make up for it. Why not try warming up with a little bit of bottom step oral? Have your partner sit on the third step and spread their legs. You will find you're in the perfect position from the bottom step to really treat them.

You could try and up the ante with some inclined cowgirl — however, if you are having difficulty working the angles, you may want to try some stimulation with your hands instead. Adding a vibrator or a little bit of oral never hurts, either.

4. Sex on the kitchen counter

If you’re not overly keen on the concept of sex in a food prep area, then some kinky kitchen sex may not be the thing for you. And that’s totally fair. But with a proper clean-up after the fact, safe sex in the kitchen is very much possible — and has the potential to be very arousing.

You will probably find that you are a bit limited in terms of the sex positions you can deploy here, but try having your partner hop up on to the counter and spread their legs. If you’re tall enough, it might be at the perfect height to enter them.

5. Sex on a table

Assuming you’ve got a sturdy, well-constructed model, that seemingly innocent dining table can serve as the perfect place to mix things up.

You may find the table top a little hard, so make use of pillows and blankets if necessary. You don’t need to actually climb all the way up, either; tables are a great leaning prop for standing sex positions. Try bending your partner over the table and entering him or her from behind while they hold onto the edge for leverage.

Go on, be brave! There are lots of good places to have sex outside the bedroom, and they’ll definitely help spice things up. Just be sure to draw the curtains before you get down to business to avoid giving the neighbours an unwanted eyeful!

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