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Need the Luck of the Irish? 5 Tips to Build a Stronger Relationship

Need a little luck in the love department? Creating a strong relationship with your partner takes time, attention and energy. Here are 5 great pieces of dating advice to build a stronger bond in your relationship with your partner. Who knows — they might just help you both get lucky in the bedroom, too!

1. Create a new ritual

Remember how much effort you used to put into your first date ideas? It’s never too late to try some new ones. Whether it's seeing a weekly film or going on some new outdoor adventures, spending more time together not only updates you on your partner's likes and dislikes — it also helps to create a rock-solid relationship that leads to a more satisfying connection. If you feel like you've been out of sync lately with your partner, share some of your recent interests and find ways to explore new rituals together.

Better yet, try creating a new ritual in the bedroom, like a weekly massage using one of our 2-in-1 Durex lubes, or experimenting with an easy-to-use sex toy.

2. Show affection

Sometimes the best dating tips are also the most obvious ones. Remind your partner how much you’re into them by showing affection through kisses and cuddles. Being spontaneously affectionate towards each other not only improves confidence in yourself, but also your relationship. Plus, a heightened sense of intimacy might open both of you up to new sexual fantasies and experiences that keep your sex life from becoming too routine.


“Being affectionate towards each other not only improves confidence in yourself, but also your relationship”

3. Be open

This is another one of those relationship goals that is often talked about, but not always put into practice. The key to creating a strong bond is practicing open and honest communication within the relationship — even when the conversations get tough. Listening and encouraging each other to be more open can enhance your relationship in many ways, so don't hold back on your thoughts and feelings.

Being open with one another is also the key to really good sex. So don’t be afraid to ask for certain things, even if they feel a little embarrassing at first. Want to try a cock ring? Let them know! If you don’t share your desires, they’re a lot less likely to be fulfilled.

4. Appreciate each other

When you first started dating, do you remember how much you went out of your way to impress each other? Whether it was an impromptu date or a special gift, continuing to actively appreciate your partner can lead to a long, fulfilling relationship. Don't worry about having to outdo yourself; small but regular displays of appreciation will slowly strengthen your bond and help create intimacy. If you're unsure where to start, try giving out daily compliments. Tell them that they look great or thank them for helping you out. Whatever it is, make sure that you genuinely mean what you say.

5. Have date nights

Scheduling date night is another great way to stay connected to your partner by carving out quality alone time together. Not only does it ensure you’re both free from the distractions of work and everyday life — it also gives you both the chance to dress up for one another. Date night is also a great opportunity to plan something special in (our outside) the bedroom — like exploring the pleasure-enhancing sensations of Durex Mutual Climax condoms, or introducing a vibrator into the equation for the first time.


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