1. What kind of sex is it for? 
  2. With or without a condom? 
  3. Scented or fragrance-free? 
  4. Stimulating or not? 

Choosing the right lube isn’t as easy as you think! There are so many options. How can you figure out which one is best for you? Use this quick guide! 
 First of all, the benefits of lube are underrated. It’s really a product that isn’t used enough. Lubricant can make sex a lot more enjoyable.

What kind of sex is it for? 

Oral sex or penetration? Anal or vaginal? With a sex toy or without? 

For oral sex, use a water-based edible lubricant such as: Durex Play Passion Cherry is the best choice because you can also use it for anal and vaginal sex, and it’s safe with latex condoms. 

For anal penetration, we generally recommend using silicone-based lubes, because water-based lubricants dry faster. Try Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel. 

For vaginal penetration, you can use any lubricant you want. Water or silicone. Any Durex lubricant will do the trick.

With sex toys, use only water-based lubricants. Play More, the basic lubricant by Durex, is a perfect choice. 

With or without a condom? 

Obviously, unless you’re trying to get pregnant, you should always wear a condom! 
With a condom, use a water-based or silicone based lubricant. Any Durex lubricant is perfect, except the Yours + Mine Couples lubricant. 

The Yours + Mine Couples lube should only be used without a condom. 
Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use to make sure products are compatible.

Scented or fragrance-free? 

Fragrances are often used to make oral sex more enjoyable, and they’re also great for sensual massages. Foreplay is so important! And massages are a part of that. Durex offers Play Passion Cherry for people who like aphrodisiac scents.

Stimulating or not? 

Some lubricants provide an exciting warm or tingling sensation. If you’re into exploring new sensations, that can be really fun. Durex has several of these products, like the Play Tingling lube, which creates a tingling sensation, and the Play Warming, which creates a warm feeling.

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