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Sexting 101: 7 Tips To Help Pump Up Your Game

Have you ever sexted your partner(s) before a hookup or casual sex? A lot of people are familiar with the flirty instant message-based interaction, but only the best can successfully sext with immediate reciprocation. To summarize, sexting is when two or more people consensually text sexual fantasies or scenarios to each other with the purpose of heating things up and creating a method of foreplay. The messages can live on their own, solely word-based, or can be accompanied by some intimate photos or phone sex.

If you’ve ever fallen in the trap of an awkward sext, stay tuned for master tips on how to sext that are stripped of creepiness and can lead to a striptease. Instead of making a mess with your words, send a steamy message that’ll leave them wanting more. Nothing feels better than being a smooth talker.

Sexting Tips That Are Huge Turn Ons

If you want to know how to initiate sexting and make the person on the other end of the thread feel special and sexy, there are many tactics you can try. Even though it might seem weird and uncomfortable at first, sext messages are a very normal exchange between active people that are mutually interested in getting to know one another passionately. Plus, it can make a hookup or casual sex that much more anticipated which is always a bonus. Let’s begin.

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1. Exchange Consent

First and foremost, no sexting feat should go without exchanged consent. If you’re searching for answers on how to initiate sexting, this is where you must begin. Unsolicited sexts may end up having consequences and, without a heads up, you can land in an extremely uncomfortable situation making the other person or people feel uneasy. Always ask before you get down to it.

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2. Prioritize Messages Rooted In Foreplay

Everyone can do with some teasers (just like the promotional material that drops before trailers for movies). Build up the ultimate hookup or love affair through sexting lingo like “I can’t wait to see how little you have on later” or “I’m going to start by kissing your [fill in the blank] then moving closer towards your [fill in the blank]”. Messages in the realm of prequels help draw your partner(s) in and get more excited for the action or climax soon to come.

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3. Make Use Of Emojis

Emojis aren’t just for grocery lists, inside jokes with your friends, or quick replies to your parents – they’re also meant to be sexted and can lead to a fun and silly hookup suggestor. A few go-to’s include the sweat droplets 💦, eggplant 🍆, peach 🍑, and smirking face 😏. But don’t just stop there! Type emojis you can craft creative sentences with, such as: “If we were in the 🚿together, what would you want me to do to you first?”. It’s a great way to kick things off on a light note while still remaining ultra flirty.

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    4. Try Experimenting With Voice Notes

    This sexting tip isn’t shy when it comes to a little ASMR, soft or heaving breathing, moaning, and dirty talking. Use the power of your voice notes messaging function to send your partner(s) a short glimpse into your personal fantasies by way of your voice. The auditory sensations can send chills down their spine and make them feel more comfortable putting themselves out there.

    5. Draw Back To Shared Memories

    If you’ve already had casual sex or hot hookups with the person or persons you’re sexting with, circle back to those experiences you’ve shared with them. Refresh their memory with moments that made you both feel satisfied together. Tell a short story about a time when you got together in the naughtiest way. Resorting to a memory-based sext can make your partner(s) recollect and reminisce fondly, while looking forward to the next experience.

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    6. Take Turns Putting Each Other In The Driver’s Seat

    It’s more fun when all parties have a chance to communicate their wildest thoughts and feelings, so open the floor to your partner(s) as much as possible during your sexting sessions. In between your own personal takes, give them the space to ask their own questions and drum up what turns them on about the whole ordeal. Something you can try saying is, “Describe the dreamiest place you’d like to have me in”. This can paint more of a visual picture and make real life sex even hotter.

    7. Make Them Feel Really, Really Good

    Whether it be by complimenting their physique or letting them know how pleased they make you feel, it’s satisfying to hear genuinely flattering remarks. Giving them a confidence boost via sexts can not only put a smile on their face, but can make them feel both seen and heard in a worthy and gratifying way. This generates unmatched intimacy.

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    Our Final Message Of The Day

    With set boundaries, a lot of experimentation, and the thirst for adventure, sexting can be a healthy form of communication for first-daters and long-term partners alike. It’s a hookup stimulator that produces memorable results. Now, come on, don’t just leave this article on “read” – get to sexting and deliver those messages you know you’ve been dying to send out. Who knows, it may just lead to a night of sweet dreams spent together.

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