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Feeling peer pressure to have sex or lose your virginity? Our friend Yonathan @ygkristos shares his experience + why it’s so important to stay true to yourself.

In this video, Yonathan will answer all our questions like,‘What does it mean to lose your virginity? And how can you deal with the peer pressure to lose your virginity?’

He shares his own experience of how he didn’t feel the need to rush into having sex just to tell people that he was not a virgin anymore, and he explains, how he did not fall for that societal pressure at a young age as he was dedicated to accomplishing his goals and dreams.

He clarifies how one can identify their own values and goals, which can help you not feel the need to do something to fit in. This video will not only help you deal with societal pressure but will also help you create a safe environment for your friends, where they feel safe to be themselves and share what it means to them to lose their virginity.

Dealing with the peer pressure to lose one’s virginity

The influence that society and peers have on us at a young age can be terrifying. So it’s important to surround yourself with people who support you, even if you have different ideas and perspectives. Remember, no one can truly tell you how to value something or when to do something. Only your belief can direct you to do something that you think and feel is right.

So, go ahead and watch this video to save yourself from not falling into the peer pressure of losing your virginity.

So, if you have the desire and dedication to focus on your values and goals, then you will not easily fall into societal pressure, especially during middle school and high school, when one often wishes to fit in and not be labelled as ‘different’.

We hope this video helped you get your answer to how to deal with the peer pressure around losing your virginity. You can also read our article about,’sexual readiness’, if you have more questions.

And if you do feel ready to have sex, then here’re some tips to have safe sex. You can also check out our collection of condoms, including flavoured, thin, and ribbed and dotted condoms* to have protected and pleasurable sex. But most importantly, don’t feel the need to rush into having sex. Do it when YOU are ready!

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