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Durex’s Best Sex Toys To Heat Up Your Summer

While you feel the heat during the spicy summer months, you may want a little extra fire to create more of a spark in the bedroom (or wherever else you have a sexy time). And by fire, we mean a treasure chest of sex toys to choose from that amplify all your dirty moments. The best thing is: both of the options we’ll get into require no additional partner to play around with (that is, of course, if you don’t include your hands).

Whether you’re brand new at experimenting at sex with toys, are familiar with the art of dildos and vibrators, or have a master’s degree in masturbation & toy sexualities, let’s open your mind to two more game changers that are designed to elevate your experiences. By detailing how to use our adult pleasure additions, you’ll find the best lube pairings that work in unison to make your summer days or nights even hotter.

Durex Pleasure Ring and Durex Intense Bullet packaging on white bed sheets.

1. Meet The Durex Intense Bullet & Durex Pleasure Ring

Tricks are for kids, but toys certainly don’t have to be. With our Durex Intense Bullet* vibrator and Durex Pleasure Ring* (or commonly referred to as our cock ring), your world can further become rocked during foreplay, penetration, or masturbation. While the former is a battery operated sex toy that brings intense vibrations, the latter is used to keep him harder for longer while providing intense pleasure during good old fashioned (or modern) sex. Let’s uncover how both work in order to have a heated time without arguing (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Hand holding Durex Intense Bullet under the covers next to a black bra and top.

2. How The Durex Intense Bullet Works

By providing intense vibrations that help give you added pleasure, whether you’re performing solo or with partner(s), the Durex Intense Bullet* is a battery operated sex toy that can quickly turn out to be your newest summer soulmate. It’s ergonomically designed for comfort, provides all-over body stimulation, and is small & discreet enough to pack in your travel bag quietly. Plus, it’s waterproof – hello shower sex!

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the device and remove the small plastic strip on the battery contact, then screw the bottom back on completely – it’s ready to work its magic!
  2. To turn it on and off, just press the button at the bottom
  3. Use gentle pressure to massage the Vibe Bullet around the nipples, clitoris, labia, or anywhere else you please
  4. While it’s used for pleasure, this vibrator should only be used externally and is not suitable inside the vagina or anus

Try our Durex Tingling Lubricant* with this toy, as it can help provide zingy and tingling sensations to the party with its unique blend of ingredients designed to cool and tingle.

For more tactics using this vibrator, check out The Sexiest Ways To Use Our Most Discreet Vibrator.

Durex Pleasure Ring packaging standing upright on white bed sheets.

3. How The Durex Pleasure Ring Works

Made with soft, comfortable, and super-stretchy material, this summer ready sex toy helps keep penises harder for longer while providing pleasure for all partners at play. It has a width of 42mm and can fit most erect penises, with a reuse value of up to six times for multiple sessions.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. If it’s used for sex, apply your natural latex condom of choice before putting on this cock ring
  2. Then take it out of the packaging and stretch the ring
  3. Slide it carefully onto the penis until it’s comfortably at the base of the penis
  4. To remove the ring from the penis, just stretch it and carefully pull upwards
  5. Don’t use the ring for more than 30 minutes
  6. If you feel discomfort, remove the ring immediately
  7. After using it, you can clean it with gentle soap and water – then rinse with warm water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel

Any of our water-based lubes pair well with this sex toy but, since it’s summer, dip into our Durex Warming Lubricant* for a hot experience that helps turn up the temperature in no time. Always check the lube product label and sex toy product label to ensure compatibility.

Planning to have some steamy sex back there? Look into How To Use Lube For Anal Sex.

After exploring how to go about having sex with our toys, there’s no hotter moment than now to take full advantage of our stash and dash into your private room. For more tips on how to properly store and keep these toys safe from harm, for both yourself and for the material care, visit their product pages and read the information carefully.

Plus, read these Tips On How To Clean Sex Toys For Proper And Safe Reuse to preserve that sexiness and help lower the risks of infection. 

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

This product is battery operated for full discretion.

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