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By this point, we all know how good it feels to use your hands (or a toy) to stimulate yourself for personal pleasure. Whether you choose to masturbate or not, there’s no denying the deeply explorative and enjoyable factors this act brings to the table (and helps soak the sheets). But, did you know there are benefits of masturbation that extend past the temporary quality time you’re spending with yourself?

It’s true. There are extended healthy gains that masturbating can contribute to. While most have to do with hormones (such as endorphins) being released during these intimate moments with yourself, other physical, mental, and emotional benefits can stem from the solo sessions. Your hand is your friend with benefits. Sometimes, nothing feels better than doing it yourself.

If you find yourself asking, “is it healthy to masturbate every day?”, the answer is different for everyone – it’s a subjective call. Let us take your hand and walk you through the benefits of masturbation from many vantage points.

Why It’s Good To Masturbate

Is masturbating good for you? Like we said, it does depend on the person going for it but, ultimately, we find that it’s simply part of human nature that can contribute to beneficial sexual functions. With a little assistance from a great lube, like our Durex Tingling Lubricant*, you can feel the benefits blossom. It’s important to identify your own personal areas of pleasure before giving the consent to someone else to search for them – so you’re more aware of what feels right for you and which sensations you want to prioritize. And that starts with healthy masturbation.

Wondering if it’s wrong to touch yourself while partnered? If you understand French, listen to Durex sexpert Claudie Mercier unpack jerking off and relationships in Is It Bad To Masturbate Even When You’re In A Long Term Relationship?

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1. It Releases Hormones That Affect Your Mood

One of the top benefits of masturbation is that it causes your body to release an array of hormones that can significantly impact your overall mental and physical state. Hormones like endorphins (a self-regulated pain suppressor that can boost your mood and help calm you), dopamine (the “happy” neurotransmitter that aids in reward and pleasure), oxytocin (which helps with social bonding, stress reduction, and sexual activity), and testosterone (plays a vital role in developing and maintaining male sexual characteristics, libido, and cognitive function) are all prominent figures at play when masturbating takes place. These listed hormones can positively affect your brain and body during times when touching yourself takes off – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Bad joke time: why aren’t they called hor-moans?

2. It Can Help You Communicate Better

Take the time to masturbate as it can help you develop a better relationship with your body. This can help your present or future intimate relationships because you’re doing your own self-pleasure research and can better understand your body’s boundaries and desires. Masturbating will help you find out what you enjoy, so later you can let your partner(s) know what clicks for you. When you meet your needs first, it makes it easier for communication to unfold.

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3. It Can Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Touching yourself in wonderful ways may help you fall asleep faster and become more relaxed in your environment. Due to the release of oxytocin, one of the hormones we already touched on, this sexual activity can help you feel more at ease with yourself and act as a tension reliever. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, unable to doze off for hours on end, try masturbating just before bedtime.

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4. It Can Open Your Mind To More

While you masturbate, it’s not always all about the end goal orgasm. Having the freedom to play with yourself can result in much more pleasure, like edging (stopping yourself right before you’re about to cum) and self-discovery. You can connect with yourself in so many other ways than you do while having sex with somebody else – the ball is in your court. It’s important to masturbate because it can lead to exploring more of your body and being in touch with specific sensations you may not get enough of everyday.

On the topic of more positive sexual outlooks, check out more Ways To Improve Your Sex Life for interesting methods that can amplify orgasms and contribute to great relationships.

5. It Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Due to the oxytocin hormone being released during a good masturbation moment, de-stressing and loosening up is a natural part of the main event. This can help reduce blood pressure and lower your cortisol levels which is another hormone commonly connected to our stressors. Masturbating is well-known to be a stress reliever for many, so give it a go next time you’re all tensed up (especially when those long working or socializing hours are up).

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6. It Can Make You A Better Lover

If you’re looking to have a healthier sex drive, masturbating may be your answer. Once you know your body like the back of your hand (while using your hand to assist your every move), you’re able to show your sexual partner(s) what you enjoy and how they can take pleasure in getting you off. Sexual wellness can be achieved in a more personally meaningful way.

7. It Can Help With Self-Love

Not to mention how great masturbation can be for your own sexual development! If you’re ever feeling detached from your body or like an alien in your skin, we recommend resorting to the ol’ faithful masturbating session to guide you back towards healthy sexual activity. Pull back the focus on yourself and learn again why you love the body you’re in. It’s a vessel for pure pleasure, among other features.

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A Touching Ending

Now that you know if masturbating is good for you and the overall positive qualities this stimulating act can bring forth, it’s time to cut all stigmas and enjoy the aura of self-satisfaction. And if you’re finding it a little too dry down there when you go in for the thrill, check out our selection of lubes and pleasure gels in a comparison chart that can elevate your splash time. Now… don’t just sit there and look at it, we know what you want to do.

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*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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