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The 5 Easiest (And Most Challenging) Sex Positions

They say variety is the spice of life — and that statement rings especially true in the bedroom.

Whether you're just starting to explore your sexuality, or an experienced lover ready to try something more adventurous, we've got 10 sex positions that are all worth testing out.

When it comes to your sex life, it's always good to start simple. So, let's begin with our favourite picks for the 5 easiest sex positions before we move onto some more, shall we say, "acrobatic" endeavours...

1. Missionary

This time-tested position gets an unfair reputation for being too vanilla. But with the right pace, position and partner, it can help you hit some of the most satisfying spots. Plus, there's lots of easy modifications you can make — like propping up legs or switching from a steady thrust to a slow, circular grind. Sometimes really good sex is really simple sex!

2. The Side Spoon

This one's perfect for morning cuddles turned extra intimate. And just because you aren't facing each other, doesn't mean you can't keep the connection strong. Use your hands to caress every inch of their body, or gently grab their hips to help sync up your thrusts. This is also a great position for adding sex toys (like a Durex Intense Bullet) into the equation.

3. Cowgirl

Lots of women love this position because it lets them control the action — and with a little wiggling, you can really find your perfect angle. It's common to get a little tired, though. So, try using your partner's thighs for extra support, or lean into them for a kiss with your elbows on the bed for added stamina.

4. Standing Doggy

Depending on your heights, doggy style can be a little awkward on all-fours — but if you switch to a standing position with your partner bent over the bed (or kitchen counter...or whatever!) you'll often have an easier time getting lined up. We suggest starting with some Durex lubricant to warm each other up beforehand.

5. Pillow Prop

Propping a pillow underneath your back, butt, or pelvis not only provides some extra cushioning — it also creates new angles that can help you reach those elusive spots. Just remember to throw that pillowcase in the wash afterwards. We promise it'll be worth it!


After you've mastered the basics (and done a proper pre-game stretch) it might be time to add some more adventurous positions into your sex life. These ideas for sexual intercourse require a little extra practice, but once you find your groove, you'll wonder why it took you so long to try them out.

Ready to challenge yourself to some ultimate pleasure? Here are our favourite picks for the 5 most challenging sex positions:

1. Lotus

If you want to get really intimate with one another, this face-to-face position is a quick way to deepen your sexual connection. One partner sits cross-legged and the other straddles their legs over their hips and around their lower back — sort of like a seated cowgirl. This one is great for clitoral stimulation and eye-gazing, and a pack of Durex Mutual Climax condoms can help bring you two even closer to the edge.

2. The Amazon

A role reversal of traditional missionary, this position has the man lying on his back, knees to chest, while the woman rides him on top from a squat or kneel. You definitely want to be careful with this one — the angles can get a little uncomfortable if you move too fast. But it's definitely worth a try, and provides some totally unique sensations.

3. The Ballerina

Standing face-to-face, lift one of your partner's legs up into the air, holding the bottom of their thigh for support. If you're extra flexible, you can keep bringing that leg all the way up towards your shoulder for some deeply satisfying sensations. Pro tip: make sure you have a nearby wall for support!

4. Reverse Cowgirl

Despite its popularity, this position can be really difficult to master. Finding your balance will take practice, but once you do, you can establish a really pleasurable rhythm while providing your partner with a uniquely sexy view of the action.

5. Wheelbarrow

This one is for all you yoga experts. One partner starts on their hands and feet in a sort of downward dog position — then your hips get picked up from behind while your hands stay planted. It's not easy, but it can unlock some amazing g-spot potential.

After all that extra flexible action, you might want to treat each other to a post-sex rub down with one of our Durex massage gels. Who knows, it might even lead to round two...

Did you find your new favourite position? Try them out and let us know what you think — and always remember: practice makes perfect pleasure!


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