Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Should Know About

Roses are red, violets are blue, and your bank account is begging for a break too! This Valentine’s Day, trade in the extravagant dinners and lavish expeditions for a dash of creativity and a side of frugality. Get ready to redefine romance and discover that the best things in life are often the cheapest – just like our clever Valentine’s date ideas to come.

If you’re partnered this V-day, remember that while cupid’s arrow may have been sharp enough to get you together your budget doesn’t have to take a hit. Instead of cliché gifts like roses, chocolate, and even a stuffed teddy bear, there are plenty of experiences you can enjoy with your partner(s) that feel just as good, if not better, than wrapped presents. The only wrapped gift you should worry about getting are Durex condoms*.

Nothing feels better than a new experience with your partner(s).

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Can Give You And Your Partner(s) Heart-Eyes

Woman in green sweater wrapping her hands about her partner from behind while both smiling at each other in their living room.

For reactions like the heart-eyed emoji, take a loving look at these upcoming Valentine’s Day ideas for first-daters, long-term couples, and everyone in between that are heavy on the love and light on the wallet. A budget-friendly rendezvous just sounds so much better than a morning after, where you wake up and realize you’re drained (in more ways than one).

1. Binge A Laundry List Of Subpar RomComs Together

Woman holding a bowl of popcorn while her partner rests on top of her laughing on the sofa about a Valentine’s Day idea they had in mind.

Let’s be real, you can always get a pretty solid laugh or 10 out of a romantic comedy movie – especially with your lover(s) by your side who share a similar sense of humour. If you’re looking to keep it simple, a cheap idea for Valentine’s Day could include a marathon of 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s films that play up every love trope imaginable and hit you where it hurts to laugh. Examples can include: Pretty in Pink, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Proposal, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s cozy and guaranteed to make you and your partner(s) feel a sense of connection through a shared watch experience. Then, during or afterwards, take it to the private room and engage in some after viewing party activities that wouldn’t be safe to air on the big screen (maybe with a little Durex Duration Gel* to make the night last longer).

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2. Go Indoor Rock Climbing Together

Happy couple pointing at rock climbing walls while smiling on a date.

Though it’s not exactly free, but still on the cheaper side, a rock climbing Valentine’s Day idea for a date can make things rock hard in no time. For the adventurous types that aren’t afraid of heights, this is a quirky suggestion that can give relationships more spontaneity and guide partners into the not-so-everyday parts of life (it’s not your average hump day where you climb a wall of rocks). Since it’s a physical activity, make sure you’re well fed, well rested, and hydrated before embarking on this trip together.

3. Take A Particularly Affordable Pottery Class

Couple making a small bowl together during an intimate pottery class.

Instead of drowning in the sea of overprized online shopping, scouring websites to find that perfect keepsake item for your loved one(s), get your hands dirty with your other half in a pottery class. It’s not just about moulding clay together, it’s about moulding memories (too cheesy?). The bonus: it doesn’t sculpt your savings into a puddle of tears! Pottery classes are a Valentine’s Day idea that can work for the crafty folk – and you can bring home your creation as a souvenir of a V-day best spent spinning beside one another.

4. Dream Together While You Window Shop For Interior Pieces

Couple laughing at a mug they are thinking about buying while in a home furnishings store.

Been with your partner(s) for a minute and envision your futures together? An innocent, and hopeful, cheap Valentine’s date idea is to go frolicking through homeware stores searching for dream pieces together – staring into each other’s eyes longingly while saying “what if one day we got this rug with pugs all over it?”. Walking around a shop while pointing out some fantasy items for your upcoming place together will make you understand your partner’s tastes more and give you a better indication of their plans and commitment. Besides, you can splurge a little bit and buy each other one small item to commemorate the day spent dreaming together in public.

5. Play A Cheeky Little Game In A Thrift Store

Couple exchanging their unique items while smiling in a curated thrift shop.

Want an out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day idea that combines affordability and fun? Hit up your local thrift store on the big day with your partner(s) and give each other $40 to spend on one another and set a timer, then enjoy treasure hunting for the other around the store. Will you receive a collector’s edition trophy or eccentric painting? Who knows! The delight of it all lies within the surprise. And if your partner(s) know you well, you’re set to get a gift that you’ll cherish forever. What a thrifty trick!

6. Cap The Evening Off With Sexy Stargazing

Woman and man wearing layers having a conversation with one another in the open trunk of their car next to hanging lights.

A Valentine’s Day idea that’s sure to be romantic and get a bit steamy is nighttime stargazing. If you’re in a rural area, you can simply walk with your partner(s) to check out the natural lighting above you. If you’re in a city and have a car, drive up to the clearest location with a gorgeous view and gaze accordingly. Remember to pack a big blanket, some pillows, and even snacks to enjoy together. Bonus suggestion: if one of you has a telescope, you can get even closer to the magic. To kick this cheap date up a notch, get passionate afterwards and show off how much of a star you can be between the sheets.

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    It’s A Date!

    Woman reaching out for the camera while toasting her partner’s champagne glass.

    Enough pinching those pennies because these Valentine’s Day ideas bring the affordability while maximizing the love potential between you and yours. There’s something in here for every character, and don’t be afraid to get even more creative – building off these date ideas to better serve you and your partner(s). It’s important to remind yourself that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a pressure cooker, it’s just another day of the year to celebrate all the love you feel. Now go on and spread it, baby.

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