In the era of fast swipes, one-night stands, and “keeping your options open”, you might be caught wondering what love making really means with the man you’re seeing.

You probably hear this one all the time – I’m emotionally unavailable. But what if he hasn’t said that and, instead, is moving in a little closer. The signs a guy wants you sexually look a lot different than these loving affirmations.

One of the main signs to know if a man is in love is frequent communication and showing a high level of interest in your personal and daily life. Typically, purely physical relationships don’t involve this quality of curiosity.

Still, there are other valid signs he is making love to you. So, let’s talk about 7 signs of love making so you can feel assured you’re making the right move moving forward. Nothing feels better than being on the same page with one another.

Man and woman lean in closer for a kiss in the kitchen.

1. Heading In The Love Direction

Of course, getting physical is great. In fact, when protected, sex is a great activity and is something we at Durex value most. However, if he’s showing signs he is making love to you, there’s things to be on the lookout for while you’re casually seeing someone. We call them green flags in dating culture.

Some of these signs he is making love to you are more obvious than others but, in dating culture nowadays, you may find it harder to differentiate between someone playing games and someone playing the long game. Oftentimes, paranoia and suspicion can arise if you’re uncertain what the person wants from you. To help avoid any feelings of insecurity and confusion, and be certain of the signs a man is in love, hear out these factors that steer away from hookup hangovers and lead into cuffing season considerations.

When you know the signs, the next move is all yours.

If the signs and stars aren’t exactly aligned at the moment, look to Types Of Intimacy & How To Be More Intimate With Your Partner for a more fulfilling relationship experience.

Woman in a purple hijab kisses her partner while holding his hand.

2. He Makes Direct Eye Contact

It might seem super elementary, but if he looks you deep in the eyes while getting physical he’s likely feeling invested in you. While this may not be a clear sign he is making love to you, it’s the first step in knowing you have his attention and he’s universally sexually attracted– which, sometimes, doesn’t happen during sexual experiences. It may mean he’s opening himself up more and is craving intensity.

Man kisses the top of woman’s head as they hold each other closely.

3. He Gets Emotional

Is he getting choked up during your most intimate moments spent together? Then he’s most likely showing signs of making love. If he’s verbally expressing his interest in you through emotional words and feelings, he’s likely heading into the love making territory.

Woman smiling at man while holding his hand on a sofa.

4. He Pleases & Satisfies You

If he doesn’t just hit and run, and takes his time in pleasure town (as he should), then he’s interested in your sexual satisfaction as well – which can lead to a man being in love. He’s caring enough about you to put aside his own pleasure to make sure you get treated correctly. This is especially soothing if he’s already reached orgasm when you haven’t finished yet, then continues to prioritize your climax. That’s a good sign he is making love to you.

Incorporating Durex® Yours + Mine® Couples Lubricants* can also be a sexy idea for moments like this. Both bottles are designed to help keep the excitement coming and ignite much more than conversation.

On the topic of sexy times, you might want to take a look at Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship for a beneficial breakdown of pleasure positivity.

Two people wrapped up in blankets cuddling each other on a cold night.

5. He Wants Intimacy Post Sex

Another significant way to tell if he’s making love to you is if he wants to cuddle and wrap you in his arms after sex happens. This is an emotionally intimate activity, along with having connective pillow talk together. If this happens, he’s more than likely into you and sees you as a partner, not a hookup.

Two people dancing around in their kitchen.

6. He Loves Your Personality

While comments like “you look so sexy” and “I find you so hot right now” may feel good for your self-image, they’re usually surface level when it comes to good chemistry. Another sign a man could be in love with you is if he makes comments that transcend physical attributes and taps into your mind. He’ll tell you the little things he loves about you during the times when he’s making love to you.

Woman holding onto man’s face while he’s wrapped around her in bed.

7. He Stays The Night, And The Next Day

After a night of fun (whatever you guys do for fun), you may find him wanting to spend time with you during the day. This is a key indicator that he honours your company and is sticking around for the opportunity to get to know you outside the sheets, which could lead to him wanting something more.

A couple fooling around together in bed.

8. He Understands Your Sexual Needs

The final meaning of making love is one of the most important ones: having a conversation about commitment and pleasure without pushing for sex when you’re not comfortable with it. Your sexual needs are equally as important as his, so if you find him berating you for sex when you’re not in the mood then he’s likely not respecting boundaries. A sign he is making love to you is when you’re both in agreement, not separation.

If you’re ready for a relationship with him, consider reading up on 6 Important Signs Of A Healthy Relationship for a great exercise in self-care.

9. In Conclusion

Now that you know what making love means, it’s your call whether you want to keep things strictly Friends with benefits (FWB)/casual or take your steamy interactions to another, more serious, level. As with everything, be sure to look out for yourself when potential feelings develop more. And, as always, enjoy safe and pleasurable sex with Durex.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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