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Keep your sex game sizzling this year with 30 sex positions in 30 days

Have you been dreaming about dabbling in some new sex positions? Fantasizing about beefing up your sexual resume? We’ve got just the thing for you. Our 30 Day Sex Challenge offers 30 sex positions to experiment with. Think of it as 30 days of getting a good old-fashioned workout in and sweating out the sexy stuff. We’ll start things off slow and get a little more intense each week. So mark up your calendar with a new sex position daily, choose your player of Durex condoms*, and enjoy every minute of it. Let’s get started.


1. The Reacharound

Let’s start the 30 day sex challenge off with an easy-breezy position. Get into a spooning position (because who doesn’t love a good spoon?) and have one partner enter the other from behind. You might notice you have free hands – don’t let those go to waste. Use them to stimulate your partner all over their body. If you really want to shake things up, add in the Durex Intense Bullet*. It’s ideal for stimulating nipples, the clitoris, perineum, or wherever you can reach.

2. Face to Face

Let’s take it up a notch with a more intimate face-to-face position of the day. Sit opposite your partner, with one of you sliding onto the other’s lap. Then you should both wrap your legs around each other. The person on top can enjoy balancing in the cradle created by their partner’s legs and gently rock back and forth, or move up and down. You can push against shoulders or legs for added momentum. Watching your partner’s face as they experience all the different sensations will only add to the excitement of it all. Sex positions like this are extremely intimate, and eye contact is everything.

3. Love Locked

Ah, young love. This position of the day is slow and relaxing (because you need to save your energy!). To achieve this one, lie facing your partner on your sides. One person wraps their legs around the other’s hips, and the other one enters. The person penetrating should start slow and gradually increase their speed for an ultimate build-up to the climax. See? Easy.

This hands-free position of the day lends a beautiful view and a climactic feel.

4. Doggy Style

Doggy-style – a classic choice for the 30 day sex challenge. If you’d like to try this one, one partner should get on all fours while the other gets on their knees and enters from behind. This results in a stellar view for the person at the back and a hands-free experience for manual stimulation, if you’re so inclined.

5. Sofa Brace

If you’re not in the mood for full-on doggy style, try this position of the day. One person leans over the sofa in doggy-style position. The other partner can then kneel on the sofa behind and proceed as usual. Both of you will enjoy this gentle, sexy experience.

6. Sexy Stack

Today’s position of the day calls for some face-to-face action, amping up the intimacy factor. One person kneels while the other sits in their lap, wrapping their legs around with their knees on the floor behind. Use this opportunity to practice your makeout skills and perfect your smouldering eye contact as you rock and roll your way to pleasure.

7. The Cowgirl

You’ve likely heard of this one, and it’s popular for a reason. One partner should straddle the other, facing forward with their legs on either side of their hips. The person on top will be in control of the speed and depth of penetration – allowing for some sexy assertiveness. Use your free hands for added touch and stimulation.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.



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