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Keep your sex game sizzling this year with 30 sex positions in 30 days

Have you been dreaming about dabbling in some new sex positions? Fantasizing about beefing up your sexual resume? We’ve got just the thing for you. Our 30 Day Sex Challenge offers 30 sex positions to experiment with. Think of it as 30 days of getting a good old-fashioned workout in and sweating out the sexy stuff. We’ll start things off slow and get a little more intense each week. So mark up your calendar with a new sex position daily, choose your player of Durex condoms*, and enjoy every minute of it. Let’s get started.


Graphic on purple background depicting The Cross sex position.

8. The Cross

The position of the day is...the Cross! Easy to achieve with a big payoff. One partner can lie on their side, while the other lies across them at a right angle (forming a lowercase “t” or a cross!). Angle your bodies so the person lying across can hook their knees over the bum of the other person, bringing your intimate parts together for easy, satisfying penetration. Nothing to be cross about here, people.

9. Magic Bullet

Sex positions don’t often reference popular blenders but when they do, they’re hot. This position of the day is as follows: one person should lie back with their legs straight up while the other kneels in front to enter. The penetrating partner can hold on to the other’s legs as they gather speed. Make sure to pause for a second and take in the view.

Want to boost the pleasure factor? (Of course you do.) Add an Intense Pleasure Ring* for a more intense experience for you both.

10. Reverse Cowgirl

This 30 day sex challenge position is a western go-to. For the Reverse Cowgirl, the straddling partner will face – you guessed it – backwards instead of forwards. The person on top should lean forward and use their partner's knees or thighs for balance as they slowly (or quickly, if that’s your style) move up and down on the penis. Sex positions like this will make you say, giddy up!

11. Tight Squeeze

This sex position of the day takes us out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. It works best on a hard surface like a kitchen counter or table (be sure to do a good wipe down once you’ve done the deed!). One partner should sit on your surface of choice and wrap their legs around their partner’s waist as they’re being penetrated. This is a great position when you’re hankering for a quickie.

12. The Crouching Tiger

Crouching tiger, hide the dragon? One partner stands at the edge of the bed, bending over with your hands on the mattress (we like where this one’s going). The other partner can then enter from behind. Their hands will be free, leaving room for some vibrator magic if you wish. How’s that for an animalistic 30 day sex challenge position?

13. Absolute 69

Need a break from sex positions? (Said no one ever.) But let’s switch gears and try out a touch of oral pleasure. The Absolute 69 is a variation on regular old 69, but don’t worry – it’s just as pleasurable. For this position of the day, one partner lies right on top of the other, facedown (things will get intimate, fast!). Then, proceed as usual, with mutual oral stimulation all around.

Sex positions like this can be an excellent opportunity to invite some sex toys to the festivities, seeing as you have an up-close and personal view of what’s happening.

14. Melody Maker

This 30 day sex challenge position is sure to be a hit. One partner should sit in a (preferably comfy) chair or a small footstool, tilting their head back towards the ground. The penetrating partner can then kneel and enter. Prepare for an exhilarating rush of blood to your tipped back head when it’s time to climax.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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