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Keep your sex game sizzling this year with 30 sex positions in 30 days

Have you been dreaming about dabbling in some new sex positions? Fantasizing about beefing up your sexual resume? We’ve got just the thing for you. Our 30 Day Sex Challenge offers 30 sex positions to experiment with. Think of it as 30 days of getting a good old-fashioned workout in and sweating out the sexy stuff. We’ll start things off slow and get a little more intense each week. So mark up your calendar with a new sex position daily, choose your player of Durex condoms*, and enjoy every minute of it. Let’s get started.


15. Slow Burn

This position of the day is a little more advanced, but it’s so worth it once you master it. Start by facing each other, kneeling on opposite knees. Come together by grabbing each other’s butt cheeks and pulling yourselves in close enough for penetration. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sex positions like The Speed Bump offer a ride of a lifetime in the 30 day sex challenge.

16. The Speed Bump

Buckle up because this one’s going to be a wild ride. For the Speed Bump sex position, one partner should lie on their stomach with a pillow under their stomach and pelvis, spreading their legs a bit. The other partner can then enter from behind, and you’re off to the races! This one puts the ‘challenge’ in the 30 day sex challenge.

17. On the Stairs

Ever heard of the stairway to heaven? This is it in sex positions. In this position of the day, one partner should sit on the stairs, while the other stands facing them at the bottom, at perfect penetration level. The person on the stairs can lift one of their legs and rest it against their partner’s body, so you both have something to push against. This 30 day sex challenge position can easily be modified for sex from behind, too – one person can turn around and essentially crawl up the stairs, lifting their butt for prime penetration. Enjoy.

18. The Wraparound

This sex position of the day is like the Cowgirl, but with a twist. One partner sits on the bed with their legs over the edge. The other climbs on top, so you’re facing each other. The person on top wraps their legs around their partner’s back and then starts moving up and down. No way around it – sex positions like this get top marks for deep penetration and a whole lotta intimacy.

19. Frog Fashion

You know what they say about finding a prince. Here’s how this position of the day works: one person lies on their back, bending their knees and bringing their heels back to their buttocks (frog-leg style). Then they should lift up enough so they can grab their knees. Then the other partner can sit on top with their legs on either side (or they can opt to go missionary style) and penetrate away. Sex positions like this one will make you look better than Prince Charming.

20. The Ascending Position

Here’s another variation of the Cowgirl position. One of you can lie flat on your back, and the other can sit on top, crossing their legs before being penetrated. Crossed legs = tighter feeling for both. Tightness is always a good thing in the 30 day sex challenge!

21. The Loaded Gun

For this position of the day, one partner should sit on the bed, leaning back on their arms. The other faces away and straddles them, keeping their feet on the floor and leans back on their arms as well. Sex positions such as this will allow the partner at the bottom to take the reins and steadily build up a rhythm.

22. The Lotus

To pull this position off, have the penetrating partner sit cross-legged. The other person should then lower down on top, guiding them inside. To finish things off, the person on top can wrap their arms and legs around their partner. Ultimate intimacy achieved. 

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