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Sex During Pregnancy 101: Can You Have Sex While Pregnant?

Expecting partners continuously find themselves in the same predicament, asking the same question, “can you have sex while pregnant?”, and the answer, simply, is yes! Before your bundle of joy pops out of the oven, it’s perfectly natural to engage in sex if the pregnancy isn’t high-risk or uncomplicated (we’ll explain what that means in a little bit). For some people, sexual urges may dissipate or disappear altogether during pregnancy while others may feel more aroused. There are varying hormones at play.

While it’s a no-brainer that pregnancy is a time filled with many changes, both physical and emotional, you may not know that a slew of other changes can affect your sex drive. Even though you might not be able to indulge in your favourite foods or drinks for the time being, there aren’t too many reasons why you can’t continue to get it on during your pregnancy. But always talk to your doctor first before having pregnancy sex. Nothing feels better than getting an expert opinion.

This article will take a closer look (an ultrasound, if you will) at hormonal impacts, how pregnancy affects sex, reasons sex during pregnancy is good for you, when to avoid sex during pregnancy, and more reasons why making love everyday is a plus. Let’s give birth to the power of knowledge!

1. Feeling Pregnant And Horny?

You were trying for a baby, consciously giving up your stash of Durex condoms*, and you successfully became pregnant… Now what do you do in the meantime? If you’re pregnant and feeling overstimulated with sexiness, you can have sex that won’t harm your baby-to-be (as your little one is protected by your abdomen and the muscular walls of your uterus). But why might you feel more on the ready during pregnancy? And why might you not be able to control it? There’s a logical explanation for this, and it all has to do with hormones.

Woman with baby bump rubs her belly alongside her partner.

2. It’s All In The Hormones

When women reach puberty, the pituitary gland located in the brain signals to the body to begin producing sex hormones. These hormones help women to ovulate and menstruate, as well as produce the desire to have sex. So, when it comes down to craving more or resisting sex during pregnancy, it boils down to our hormones.

To better support you and your growing bump, your body increases the amount of progesterone and estrogen in the bloodstream. The rising levels of hormones helps to increase the amount of blood flow to the pelvic area, as well as increasing lubrication in the vagina. As a result, you may find yourself more wet down there. These mighty hormones can also increase sensitivity in the breasts and nipples. Natural lubes and spunky boobs.

If you want to introduce more wetness into your pregnancy playtime, read How To Please A Woman During Foreplay Using Durex Lubes.

3. How Pregnancy Affects Sex

These same hormones and their fluctuations affect how sex feels and how often you want it to happen. Generally speaking (and everyone has a different story), most women feel tired in the first trimester and battle morning sickness, nausea, or breast tenderness – meaning sex likely isn’t a top priority.

However, during the second trimester women may experience more of an energy boost and feel extra horny as their libido kicks back into effect. On top of that, an increased blood flow in the body can elevate orgasming during pregnancy. As your belly continues to grow, so might your libido.

During the third trimester, sex may dwindle down soon before the baby makes their exit. As a general safety precaution, some doctors may advise their pregnant patients to hold off on sex during the final weeks of pregnancy. It’s important to remember that no two women and no two pregnancies are the same. Even if you didn’t feel like having sex at all during your first pregnancy, you might discover a strong desire in your next (if you choose to have more than one kiddo).

Couple smiling in bed together while expecting a baby’s arrival.

4. Reasons Sex During Pregnancy Is Good

We already know that sex has many mental and physical health benefits, but there may also be some added pros of having sex during pregnancy. On top of the usual boost in feel-good hormones, and obviously being a great way to bond with your partner, sex is suggested to help prepare your body for labour. Semen contains prostaglandins, which may help your cervix to develop. Having sex and orgasms, even when pregnant, is thought to help strengthen the muscles in your uterus and keep them in good shape before your delivery.

Feeling unsexy, but aroused, while pregnant? Check out some tips in Ways To Improve Your Sex Life that could be beneficial to your situation.

5. When To Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

After speaking with your doctor about whether it’s safe or not for you, personally, to have sex while pregnant, you may have been aware of these types of high-risk pregnancy scenarios to watch out for and refrain from sex if it applies to you:

Of course, there are other situations that can come up. Discuss everything with your doctor for further clarity.

Pregnant woman laying in the comfort of her partner’s kisses on the sofa.

6. 4 Reasons To Make Love All The Time

If the coast is clear and you’re not experiencing any of the above, and after you’ve talked to your doc, these 4 reasons why a pregnant woman should make love everyday may be solid affirmations to remember:

  1. Intimacy can reach a peak – the pregnancy journey can bond the individuals expecting a child like no other, and breeds closeness.
  2. You can find new sex positions and get creative – we recommend trying side-lying positions where it’s often more comfortable, whether that’s facing your partner or looking away front-to-back.
  3. Stress can be relieved – there’s no doubt pregnancy can bring mood swings and irrational behaviour to the table, but a good penetrative session has the means to take off some tension (even just temporarily).
  4. You can find yourself sleeping better – since sex is a healthy physical activity, it’s no surprise it can wear you out afterwards which can lead to a good night’s rest.

7. A Labour Of Love

Now that we’ve answered the timeless question, “Can you have sex while pregnant?”, just remember that it’s always good to communicate clearly with your partner and let them know exactly how you feel about sex during pregnancy. This allows for a meeting of the minds and a meeting of the bodies. Do keep in mind that every woman’s experience is different and unique – whatever is right for you is right for you. Have a healthy labour of love!

For tips on getting intimate post-delivery, check out How To Enjoy Sex After Giving Birth.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label before use.

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