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Looking for honest answers to real life sex questions? Start here.
From first-time sex to masturbation and protection — we'll teach you everything you need to know.

Myths and Facts About First Time Sex

Having sex for the first time? Here’s some myths and facts Losing your virginity is the first step in a long journey of sexual experiences. It is a...
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Fingering & Sex: How to Finger a Woman

Wondering how to finger a woman with your hands? Not sure if fingering is part of sex exactly? We will guide you through the wonderful world of hands-on pleasure.
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How to Give a Good Blowjob

Wondering how to give a good blowjob? We’ve got tips that will drive your partner really wild. They can thank us later.
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Drawgasms: What Does a Female Orgasm Feel Like?

What does an orgasm feel like for women? We asked our designer to visualize the different types of feelings women experience during an orgasm.
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How To Ask Your Partner for What You Need to Orgasm

Unless you’re a mind reader, figuring out how to give your partner an orgasm requires some honest communication — and the same goes for your own pleasure. 
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Like a Virgin: Our Best First Time Sex Advice

Like a VirginOur Best First Time Sex Advice Looking for some trustworthy 1st time sex advice? As global leaders in safe sex, Durex definitely kn...
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How to Ask Him to Wear a Condom

Safe sex is a conversation that always needs to happen. If you’re nervous about how to ask him to wear a condom, try using these conversational tips.
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How to be a Good Ally for the LGBTQAI2S+ Community

Straight folks can bring a lot of positivity to the world as an LGBTQAI2S+ ally. If you are wondering how you can be an LGBTQAI2S+ ally, then this article is for you.
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How to Come Out: Advice from the Durex Community

What was coming out like for you? We learned that the Durex community is full of support and good vibes. “Know that no matter what, you have a who...
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