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5 Easy Ways to Heat Up Your Summer Sex Life

Are you looking for some naughty date night ideas this summer? Read on and we’ll teach you how to spice up your sex life while the weather is warm.

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How to Enjoy Sex After Giving Birth

For many mothers, sex after giving birth can require a little extra time, effort, and experimentation. Try these tips to help rediscover your groove.
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Find Your Fit: The Best Condom Styles Explained

Trying to figure out what the best condom style is for you and your partner? There’s something for everyone, and every kind of sensation. We break it down.   
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Need the Luck of the Irish? 5 Tips to Build a Stronger Relationship

A great relationship takes more than luck. These 5 tips will help you build a strong, honest, and sexually satisfying connection.
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Sex With a New Partner: Get Over the First Time Nerves

Feeling those butterflies? It’s natural to be a little nervous with someone new. But if you come prepared, really good sex can follow.
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There’s a time and place for predictability — but the bedroom isn’t it. These scintillating suggestions are guaranteed to keep things exciting.
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Love Lockdown: 5 Creative Places to Have Sex In Your House

They say there’s no place like home, and when it comes to your sex life, we most definitely agree. Here are some exciting places to have sex beyond the bedroom. 
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